Tuesday, June 23, 2015

You're Next American Idol Is......

Okay so Ryan Seacrest won't be saying my name after those words ever, but I used to dream he would ALL THE TIME. I remember telling my mom "when I'm sixteen I'm auditioning for American Idol and Simon is going to love me". She would just laugh. I'm pretty sure she is still laughing at me.

When I was younger I used to sing every chance I had. I was in choir in fourth and fifth grade and always snagged a solo. When I got to middle school I obviously joined choir. We were to do a Christmas show. I wanted to be Mrs. Claus and sing "Santa Baby". I prepared all weekend for the audition. I even created choreography for it.

Monday was the boys audition, Tuesday was the girls.

Tuesday rolls around and I'm up bright and early. Mom drops me off with a goodbye kiss and a "break a leg".

"Why are you here Samantha?"
"I'm here to audition for Mrs. Claus."
"Girl auditions were yesterday, I had to change the schedule."


Mom fought that with my choir teacher so hard after I told her, I thought she was going to cry.
So I didn't get Santa's wife. AND I quit choir for good, (because let's be honest who wants to deal with a now embarrassing situation of your choir teacher almost bursting into tears).

Choir career over. Disney career starting.

For anyone born in the 90's, I'm sure you remember those wonderful "Disney Mania" CD's. I had the third album on repeat for weeks after I got it from the Easter bunny. There was one song in particular I kept singing: "Strangers Like Me" from Tarzan covered by Everlife (I forgot they even existed).

Well one day, I'm singing it in my room. Mom hears me and walks in.

"Was that you singing?"
"Yes sorry was I too loud?"
"Sing it again."


K mom thanks for telling me AFTER I QUIT CHOIR FOREVER.

I still regret not continuing choir because I feel I would've improved (and maybe actually have been good enough to at least make it through the first audition of Idol??)

I can still sing pretty decently (when I put A LOT of effort into it) and my love of music hasn't been lost.

Now that all those terrible childhood stories are over with I can get to the REAL purpose of this post.

The music industry would be pretty awesome to work in. Obviously I wouldn't be behind the mic, but I could definitely be behind the scenes making something happen.

Maybe I could be the next Scooter Braun and help manage talent. Or the next Kenny Ortega and create tours for artists.

(this will then lead me to a bunch of free concerts).

I've got it all figured out. (lOl no I don't)


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