Tuesday, July 7, 2015


So I have TWO possible jobs this weeks to make up for my fourth of july week break (ya girl loves her BBQ's and fireworks).

Being a teenager is pretty rough these days. I don't even need to give any examples of why because you can imagine the laundry list that is fifty miles long. But I think a pretty common stress of being young is the issue of acne. Coming from someone with a family history of acne prone skin, I can attest that the struggle is in fact real.

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars on dermatology visits with doctors that don't even care. Medication that doesn't ever seem to work (or be covered by your insurance). Makeup that costs an arm and a leg because drug store coverups only make it worse.


I'm so sick of feeling insecure and feeling like I need to pile on layers and layers of concealer to leave my house.

And now we have this stupid trend called the #dontjudgemechallenge where teens are literally drawing acne and other insecurities on their faces to pretend like they're "unattractive". The challenge is supposed to be people embracing their true, bare faces and not caring what others think. The whole trend is making so many (including myself) feel worse about the way they look.

The first job I could accomplish is helping to create makeup and skin care products that don't cost the same as my tuition. Demi Lovato just teamed up with scientists to create a line of skin care products. Demi struggled with her skin and is now helping others with the same issues. I think that creating products to help someone is wonderful and having a major in communications could help push it.

I love working with makeup and shopping for makeup (and blowing money on makeup....actually I don't really love blowing money on makeup). I sometimes find it difficult to find products that will cover my acne without making it worse and is affordable for a broke college student. Creating a line of skin care and makeup products with these issues in mind could seriously impact many lives.

The next job I could have is working to create campaigns that support my generation and younger to feel more confident and beautiful because although we feel insecure and embarrassed about some things, we are all truly beautiful inside and out. Working to create an organization that stands up and defends those who are in need of a mirror to really show how beautiful they are.

So because of all this (and this probably will flop) my challenge to match the #dontjudgemechallenge is the #dontcarewhatyouthinkofmechallenge. Because at the end of the day, we need to accept who we are and not care what anyone thinks of us. Because you're worth it.

(it was necessary, and you love it don't lie).

(I'm lame and cliche and unoriginal I know).